The Uprooting: Day 1

On Wednesday, June 11th, I began my four-day trek from Jon and Sarah Joy’s home in Laurel, Maryland to Waco, Texas. It was a late start, though, as my cell phone alarm was set to 4:30pm, rather than its quieter morning counterpart. Thankfully, I awoke just 30 minutes later than I had planned.

During this first leg of the trip, I stopped for a hearty breakfast at Cracker Barrel with much of my family in Martinsburg, West Virginia, which led to a fond farewell. Then only once did I stop for gas (at $4.25 a gallon!), and once at a rest area to close my eyes for a bit, before making my first stop in Lexington, Kentucky, 572 miles later.

I walked part of the downtown in the evening, and discovered that Lexington is not the most lively place on a Wednesday evening. Around Rupp Arena, I got the feeling that this used to be a happening place, but is now an area filled with empty storefronts, yet so much potential. My guess is that most of the happenings have inched out into the suburbs, as is a common occurence for many rustbelt cities.

Today, though, my list of 70 free things to do around Lexington will guide me in the morning, before heading off to my next stop: Nashville. Right now, though, a shower and breakfast are at hand.


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