The Uprooting: Day 4 (Arrival)

It’s official: After an early departure from New Orleans, I crossed the state line into Texas about four hours later at 11:20am CST; and, after many windy two-laned roads with speed limits that are unheard of on the east coast, I drove into Waco this afternoon at about 4:15pm.

As I got closer to my new hometown, though, I started to get nervous. Somehow, I made it through most of this moving process without feeling too anxious, yet it got to me a bit this afternoon. Arriving in Waco, all I could say to myself was, “God, I hope this is right. What if I made a mistake?” Maybe the cold feet are natural, but I knew I had to make the conscious decision to throw those feelings aside. It’s true that God wants me here, as He has already been working things out along the way.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my new room is quite large with windows on three sides, and has a decent bathroom (once I cleaned it up a bit). I’ve met all the roommates, and I think things are looking promising here. We are officially the house of four-C’s. Living here now are Charlie, Chuck, Chris and Chris. So, in fact, we are the house of four-Ch’s. What are the odds?

Well, tomorrow my hunt for furniture begins. I was thinking of heading to the Ikea near Austin, which is about an 80-minute drive each way. That’s small change compared the last four days!


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