And, for More Traveling…

My first three days in Waco were nothing short of a whirlwind, complete with incessant furniture hunting, errand running, and simply staying cool in temperatures that were even high for Central Texas in mid-June. But now, I can officially say I am a Texan, as I now have new license plates for my car and the driver’s license to go with it. Unlike in Maryland (and probably much of the U.S., for that matter), obtaining those two things required travel to two different places, though I’m not quite sure why the buildings need to be eight miles apart. Seems a bit inefficient to me, don’t you think?

Today, though, I arrived in the Mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, for a few days of orientation and training for my Americorps*VISTA position. I was told that the high elevation (over 5,000 feet above sea level) commonly causes headaches among visitors. Well, they’re right about that! Hopefully, drinking the recommended amounts of water will help, as could staying away from sweet tea (gasp!), which has caffeine.

On the short plane ride from Waco to Dallas, I sat next to a guy named Ron whose family moved to Waco from Massachusetts about six years ago. It was nice to hear him say that he, too, was pleasantly surprised at the size of the city and how convenient it is to live there, especially considering its proximity to Austin and Dallas. What struck me most, though, was his comment, “Waco is a great place to raise a family.” For an area that has a fairly high poverty rate, and maybe not coincidentally, a high crime rate, it was rather hopeful to hear him say that.

Given all the time changes I’ve experienced during the last week, and not having gone to bed at a regular time, my internal clock is a little upset at me. Knowing the crazy schedule I have ahead of me here in Denver, and probably the many hours of reflecting on my new endeavor, it’s probably best I get to sleep early tonight. Until next time, God bless.


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