Bikes in Europe

It has been nearly a month since returning from my first European adventure.  My father-in-law was generous enough to bring me along for the journey that took us through Scandinavia, Germany, Estonia and Russia.  He teased me a bit for all the photos of bicycles that ended up on his fancy camera.  In my defense, though, the photos weren’t just of bicycles…they were of bicycles in Europe.

I could dote on and on about the beauty of the places we visited, where bicycles are a more mainstream mode of travel.  Or, I could let these photos do the talking:

I nearly missed the simple beauty that was this bike in front of a corner cafe in Copenhagen.

I caught this bike under spotlight on a rainy evening in Copenhagen.

One of my favorite photos, this bicycle in Wismar, Germany could not have been parked in a more beautiful place.

Even mail gets delivered by bike, at least in Wismar, Germany

Here’s one I found in Aarhus, Denmark (the second largest city behind Copenhagen)

The afternoon rush hour in front of a produce stand. What’s more European than that?

A classic red commuter bike in Stockholm’s old town.

Need to get your bike upstairs? How about this ingenious solution from Helsinki, Finland, that lets you walk your bike up or down while letting you take the stairs?

This bike from Helsinki, Finland has been yarn bombed

What to do with that old freight rail line? Turn it into a bike highway, like they did in Helsinki.

What world-class city would be complete without a bike share program, like the one in Oslo, Norway?

By the way, these photos are my own, so please don’t use them or pin them without my permission. Thanks!


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